Detego® Analyse is the central hub for all the products within the Detego® Suite of tools that enables investigators to use advanced techniques, which rapidly process big data from a wide spectrum of digital devices. Investigators now have a unique tool that streamlines and manages workflow from a single location. Detego® Analyse is free tool and its intuitive configuration seamlessly integrates with other Detego® products.

The simple-to-use interface allows investigators to increase productivity and rapidly produce digital evidence for courts. Our technology reduces budget pressure, increases efficiency in addition to saving lives, safe guarding victims and convicting criminals.


  • Rapidly import data from all digital devices and Detego® acquisitions
  • Process and build evidence and intelligence from large volumes of data
  • Manage, edit and analyse all cases and exhibits in one place
  • Intuitive licence management
  • Cutting-edge post processing including skin tone analysis, face detection, video frame caching, hash and keyword matching and many more
  • Easy to use for both technical and non-technical users
  • Produce court level reports
  • Full forensic audit log

View our Detego Analyse PDF for more information.

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