Link analysis tool that links devices and files

Detego® Fusion allows operators and investigators to build up intelligence pictures based on a Link Analysis infrastructure.

Detego® Fusions’ easily navigable interface allows a user to connect the dots to find ‘needle-in-haystack’ links across all of your digital exhibits including computers, Mobile phones, Smartphones, Tablets, USB devices and other removable media (such as SD cards, portable external drives, IDE and SATA drives, CD, DVD, Blue-ray, etc.), linked to a case, gaining valuable, previously un-associate evidences of links between people, places devices and cases.

Having all your acquired data housed within a single platform allows you to rapidly identify the hidden links between all of your exhibits. With Detego® Fusion you can filter on thousands of pre-configured variables like GPS coordinates, HASH matches and EXIF data to rapidly identify and link suspects.


  • Simple to use, with minimal training requirements for non-technical and technical investigators
  • Rapid Omni-Viewer
  • Build up intelligence pictures
  • Court level reports

Suitable for:

  • Law Enforcement investigations
  • Private investigations
  • Military operations

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