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IP-BOX with iOS Adapter iPhone Password Unlock Tool

ip box for iphone
The IP-BOX iPhone Password Unlock Tool is used to brute force any forgotten 4 digit password on any iPhone, up to iOS 8.1.1. Simply attach the device to the iPhone or iPad and it will give you the code within 6 seconds to 17 hours. You will then have full access to your iPhone / iPad and all user data remains intact.

The IP-Box iOS 8 Adapter is only for use with the IP-Box iPhone Password Unlock Tool.
Use this adapter with IP-Box and you can brute force the passcode on iPhone running ios8.


NOTE: *** This product will only be sold to Law Enforcement ***

IP-Box Update Firmware
IP Box Software

If the iOS device you are unlocking has the “Erase Data After Ten Failed Passcode Attempts ” feature activated, the device will be wiped after the IP Box reaches 10 password attempts.

Helpful Instructions

Many Thanks to Cindy Murphy for the following White Paper
IP Box Documentation-Rev2 01-16-2015
IP Box Documentation-Rev1 01-12-2015

Package Contents:
  • IP-Box
  • iPhone 5 Cable
  • iPhone 4 Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Light Sensor Cable
  • iOS 8 Adapter For IP-Box
  • Connection Cable for Connecting IP-BOX to Adapter
  • 5 X Battery Terminal Connector Cables

Note: If your iPhone battery runs out when cracking big password:

  • If your iPhone goes flat while trying to brute force the 4 digit password, the IP-BOX will also turn off.
  • You can restart the process by charging up the iPhone and re-connecting the IP-BOX.
  • But this time press the start button 2 times, and it will start the counter from where it left off from the earlier attempt.

Stop while the brightness changes 150
Each time interval bit (ms) 30
Each group of data interval (ms) 300
Unlock the phone state IOS8 only_1
IOS8 Start power delay time (sec) 40

Removing password on iOS 8.0.2 with IP-BOX

Disabled iPhone is unlocked with IP-BOX

Reading password code on iPhone with IP-BOX