Nuix Web Review & Analytics


Collaborate Online for Faster Results

This powerful web analytics software delivers fast, collaborative eDiscovery review and true early case assessment from any web browser. It provides secure and compartmentalized access to case data for multiple reviewers, lawyers, subject matter experts and external parties—and it rapidly scales to tens or hundreds of reviewers per case, with no complex databases or tricky client plugins to install.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics makes it easy to provide secure and compartmentalized access to case data for multiple reviewers, investigators, subject matter experts and external parties. It offers seamless integration with Nuix eDiscovery and Nuix Director.

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Learn more about Nuix 6 and its improvements to Nuix Web Review & Analytics.

Easy Access for Non-Technical Reviewers
People with minimal training or technology expertise can search, review and tag data. There are plenty of options for power users, too.

Built for the Cloud
Nuix Web Review is designed for virtual server and cloud computing environments.

Flexible Security Controls
Apply group and user security controls to determine who has access to entire cases, specific items or groups of items within cases, or application features such as tagging.

Advanced Search and Filtering Options
Search your data any way you like with exact, fuzzy, proximity and regular expression searches to identify the key terms of interest. Quickly pinpoint data with advanced filters such as file type, skin tone, media attributes, custodians, word lists, languages, named entities and more.

Powerful Visualizations
Slice, dice and visualize data so you can quickly identify trends, locate information of interest and drill down to specifics. You can run multiple visualizations concurrently in separate browser windows, with all results updating dynamically as you dig deeper into your data.




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