PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Training

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PC-3000 Flash Data Recovery Technologies for NAND-Based Drives Training

Digital forensics experts and data recovery professionals, who need to restore damaged NAND-based drives, including MicroSD Cards (monoliths), are invited to attend.

This training course provides you a comprehensive pathway of all steps necessary for NAND Flash memory and monoliths data recovery with the help of PC-3000 Flash.

PC-3000 Flash is a professional solution for recovering data from all types of flash drives: USB Flash Drives, SD cards, microSD cards, etc.

The training classes are fully equipped with 8 individual workstations with everything necessary to train a data recovery engineer under the guidance of the highly experienced ACE Lab instructors.



  • Exclusive training on NAND technologies from ACE Lab in the USA
  • Unique opportunity to acquire the skills of recovering data from damaged microSD (monoliths)
  • Efficient combination of theoretical knowledge and numerous practical cases of data recovery
  • Individual approach is guaranteed to every student
  • Official certificate upon completion of the training
  • A free month of authorized ACE Lab Technical Support for PC-3000 Flash




Training Program
  • 1st day Theoretical overview of NAND memory theory. How PC-3000 Flash can help.
  • 2nd day Detailed study of the PC-3000 Flash functionality. Real-life examples followed by practical exercises based on real cases.
  • 3rd day Practical tasks helping to consolidate the new knowledge and to gain a complete picture of how to perform NAND data recovery and how to use the PC-3000 Flash in the most efficient way.
  • 4th day Monoliths. How to prepare monolith chips for soldering. Practical tasks helping to understand how to recover data from monoliths: disassemble drives, soldering technical pins for dump reading and data recovery, etc.

2016 Teel Tech PC 3000 NAND Training

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