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Smartphone Forensics II - Advanced

SmartSmallIn Teel Tech’s Level II Advanced Smartphone Forensics class, students learn how dive deeper into today’s popular Smartphone devices, acquire and analyze more data, while getting a global understanding of security and malware challenges.    Students will receive extensive hands-on practice with today’s leading mobile device forensics tools, specifically UFED Ultimate with Physical Analyzer and Oxygen Analyst.

Incorporating both classroom education and practical lessons, students will have the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and dive into devices to perform extractions and analysis. Students will graduate the class with a better understanding of the inner workings of smartphones, and how to combine commercial and open-source tools to successfully and efficiently process devices.

Teel Tech Smartphone Forensics 5-Day Course Outline

Part One: Intro and Android

  • Common Smartphone Foundations
  • Android Overview and Technology
  • Security and Security Trends
  • Logical Extractions with root
  • Physical Extraction with root
  • Analyzing Data using UFED PA and Oxygen
  • Understanding Malware and Android—Using UFED and Oxygen Detection Tools

Practical Lessons
Students will spend time acquiring and analyzing data using the available tools. Understanding Android data structures, security issues and how to successfully process and analyze the data is covered in this portion.


Part Two:  Apple iOS

  • iOS overview
  • Databases deconstructed
  • Security concerns / how to access? Differences in generations of devices.
  • Forensic Files of interest
  • SQL Lite Database Analysis
  • PLists
  • Backup Analysis
  • App Examination
  • Knowing UFED and Oxygen Device Data Analysis


Part Three:  BlackBerry and Windows 8

  • BlackBerry Overview – Current state of devices and security. Using UFED to Process
  • Windows 8 Phones: What can be obtained today from the Windows 8 Phone.

Practical Lessons
Students will work with data acquisitions to understand file structures and data locations. Students will primarily focus on iOS data analysis in these practical lessons, but will also have an opportunity to examine BlackBerry and Windows 8 data.


Part Four: – Understanding Tool Limits — Where to Go Next?

  • What is JTAG and Chip-off, When Used
  • Programming for Forensics. The Power of Python!
  • Other tools available
  • Long-term Trends in Smartphone technology and how to prepare


Course Instructor: Brian Farnsworth
Brian Farnsworth is a State of California Investigator on the Computer Forensics Team. He is also
assigned to the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force. As a computer forensics team member, he specializes in cell phone and computer forensics. Brian is a UFED Certified Instructor for Teel Technologies, and is among the first to obtain the Cellebrite Certified Instructor (CCI) title. He currently posses his A.S., B.S., M.S. and is currently working on his PhD.

2014 TeelTech Training – Advanced Smartphone Forensics – Level II

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