Tec-I (Technical Exploiter Course)

The Technical Exploiter Course (Tec-I) is the first step of a two-phase program to become certified as a Technical Exploitation Operator.

Tec-I is a 10-day comprehensive course intended for the field operator tasked to perform rapid Technical Exploitation (DOMEX / CELLEX) activities. Comprised of classroom instruction and practical exercises, the goal is to ultimately capture, extract and report relevant data in effort to glean actionable information in varying operational environments.

Students shall graduate Tec-I with a core understanding of best practices, forensic methodology and how to leverage tools within their kit to minimize time on target when exploiting relevant digital media frequently encountered during global operations (PCs, mobile devices, SIM cards, USB media, flash cards, etc). To accomplish time sensitive activities in the most efficient manner, students will learn the Teel Tech “APE” process (Assess, Prioritize and Exploit) during the course with the intent of facilitating follow-on operations.

Students taking this course should possess a fundamental understanding of technology and strengths working in austere multi-tasking environments. This is a fast paced, intense learning environment intended to provide an organization with the ability to perform rapid field exploitation in varying operational environments.

The Advanced Practical Exploitation Course offers experienced digital operator with an advanced curriculum that will further their ability to both extract more data on target, and at the lab.

Primary Course Components and Objectives
  • Advanced course including field exercises.
  • Designed to review & practice the fundamentals with more hands on
  • Targeted Cellex Tool training teaches essential features for efficient use.
  • More challenging topics including triage and time-based prioritization
  • Documentation and tie-in to the intelligence and targeting cycle
  • Dealing with damaged devices and media.
  • Carving difficult images and partial recovery using advanced methods.
  • Media exploitation based on mobile device images
  • Hash-Set usage & creation
  • Optional scenarios arranged in houses, cars, hotels and offices

Download the Tec-I brochure here.