Mobile Forensic Lab Dedicated to the Corrections Industry

Teel Technologies is proud to offer a dedicated mobile device forensic laboratory to serve the corrections industry. The laboratory, located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was specifically established to provide mobile device analysis services, training, and complementary technologies for the corrections community.

Teel Tech’s Corrections Lab Offers Four Primary Services


Examination and Analysis
Examination services are provided for corrections facilities looking for a low-cost option for investigating mobile devices. As found phones continue to pile up, corrections administrators looking to investigate devices further can submit devices and receive a report of data recovered.
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Onsite Training and Consultations
In our two-day course, Preventing Contraband Mobile Device Use in Corrections, held onsite at corrections facilities, we provide administrators and staff with a comprehensive education in how to prevent mobile devices from entering the facility, as well as a survey and evaluation of the grounds to identify likely entry points and areas of phone use.

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Best Solutions at the Lowest Cost
Teel Technologies recognizes the need for the Corrections industry to be able to effectively combat illegal phone use in all in an affordable and cost effective way. We can help you evaluation and deploy the right solutions for your facility and keep you up to date with how inmates are transporting cell phones, SIM cards, chargers and SD cards across the compound.


Applying the Best Solution at the Lowest Cost


Device Destruction
Our lab is set up so to safely and securely destroy cell phones and hard drives so that you can feel comfortable knowing that information on a device will not end up in unwanted hands.

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Sterling Bryan, Director, Teel Tech Corrections Lab
The lab is led by Sterling Bryan, formerly of the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ Office of Security and Technology. In his tenure at the FBOP, Mr. Bryan participated in numerous evaluations of technology for preventing illegal phone use, as well as establishing the Bureau’s mobile device forensic laboratory.

Teel Technologies Opens Mobile Device Forensic Lab For Corrections Industry