Teel Tech Classes at MFW 2017

Teel Technologies Training at Mobile Forensics World

Take Any of These Teel Technologies Classes at Mobile Forensics World and
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SQLite Forensics

Class authored and taught by expert, Sam Brothers. Learn
the necessary skills to better analyze the 99.99% of
apps that are not supported by commercial tools.
Pre-conference: June 1 – 3
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Flasher Box + Bootloader Class

Learn how to unlock and image difficult and unsupported locked high-end devices, and low, low-end Androids sold throughout the world today.
Pre-conference: June 1 – 3
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In-System Programming for Mobile Forensics

Learn the method to perform chip-level analysis without removing the chip. A hands-on class that provides a complete image of memory in many of today’s latest smartphones.
Post-conference: June 7 – 10
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