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Today, CSAS V3 empowers investigation and intelligence teams to produce information to a robust evidential standard. It does so through enhanced processing of call data and handset records, downloads, ANPR, social media takeout and more. Maximising digital data from initial acquisition straight through to the courtroom.

Now, with enhanced functionality and new features, CSAS V3 is faster, more intuitive, and more efficient. CSAS V3 will transform your working practices by allowing you to work on more cases simultaneously and in real time collaboration with your colleagues:

CSAS is proven to:

  • rapidly process and cleanse large data in seconds
  • produce faster reports to an evidential standard
  • output accurate and actionable intelligence
  • meet your full audit requirements
  • be both powerful and secure
Making a real difference

CSAS has recently helped police forces around the UK analyse complex communications data to deliver a string of convictions relating to ‘county lines’ drug offences.

The tactics employed are now credited with high guilty plea rates and falling incidents of serious violence due in part to the robust evidence that CSAS provides. These positive ‘county lines’ outcomes have recently been published in an online case study by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Working in partnership

Many of our team served as police officers and our proven track record is the reason UK law enforcement and the criminal justice system trust CSAS. We are committed to continue this work with you as the criminal and digital forensics landscapes evolve, using our knowledge and engineering expertise to tackle your toughest challenges.

Quite simply, we are here to empower your team to swiftly bring to justice those that cause communities most harm and protect those that are most vulnerable while maintaining public confidence and building upon trust within law enforcement.

Collaborating on CSAS

We believe in collaboration.

That’s why CSAS is continually updated based on the evolving needs of our law enforcement partners. It’s also why we employ some of the most renowned names in the industry to work on our product development, quality assurance, training and support.

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