Kinesense LE a solution for a team or enterprise deployment.

Video is an important part of the puzzle in major incidents, organised crime and volume crime. With Kinesense LE you can deploy video investigation capability flexibly across your organisation, so personnel have functionality when they need it.

By simplifying video processing with automatic search technology and template based workflows, non-technical staff can collect, process, search, review, tag and report on their findings.

Making use of the most advanced analytics in the market, you can avail of multiple search option including searching by object, colour, zone or even by faces.

This powerful solution is perfect for those seeking ISO 17025 accreditation

Ideal for:

  • Major investigation teams
  • Force wide deployments

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Fast, easy video reporting

Kinesense Report enables you to create team briefings and video evidence in minutes. Key features include redaction, annotation and clarification.

Suspect tagging and centralised viewing logs ensures optimal intelligence exploitation.

Kinesense Report contains an extensive range of clarification tools that help you get a clearer picture. Various tools can be layered dynamically, so you can instantaneously see the results as you layer them.

Ideal for:

  • Major investigation teams
  • Major Investigation teams
  • Data protection officers

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Video redaction for data protection

With increasing sources of video coming from mobile video and body worn devices (BWD), dealing with video becomes more onerous. This is especially true when video must be redacted during Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to ensure data privacy. Kinesense Redact enables you to import any video format and redact it. Choose from multiple blur patterns to cover the faces of a victim or witnesses, licence plates, house numbers etc.

Kinesense Redact enables users to:

  • Conform to data protection laws
  • Speed up dealing with FOIA request
  • Quick auditable reports

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Kinesense Face Detection & Face Recognition

Face detection, matching and recognition is just one of the analytic modules that can be added on to the Kinesense Video Investigation Solution. Automatically find and extract faces in video to save time reviewing footage. Identify a suspect by finding matches against the watch list database.

Face Detection & attribute module:

The solution finds and extracts faces in the video. These faces can then be filtered by:
• by age
• by gender
• by wearing glasses/no glasses

Face Recognition module:

The solution can analyse video to find all faces in the video. These faces are then compared to a known database of suspects or person of interest which have been enrolled into the suspect database. When there is a potential match, it will be highlighted to the analyst.

This solution is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Kinesense Enterprise Solution.

Ideal for:

  • Technical support units
  • Counter terror units
  • Covert surveillance
  • Intelligence services

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Download Face Recognition Brochure (PDF)


CCTV PlayerManager for frontline police

PlayerManger enables time-efficient video player sorting, storing and sharing. Officers can use it to find the right player, select images and clips and export for suspect charging or interview. Available as desktop, USB or networked solution.

It comes with 900+ Virtualised Players & the ability to add and manage your own players.

Ideal for:

  • Frontline Police
  • Imaging Departments
  • Volume Crime Teams

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Digital Evidence and Asset Management for Force-wide Deployment

Kinesense Digital Evidence and Asset Management (DEAM) solution for police is designed to make video evidence and all other asset management even easier. Securely store and quickly retrieve important video evidence and assets from CCTV, mobile phones, or body-worn cameras. Eliminate delays and costs that make bail and charging decisions harder.

With Kinesense DEAM Solution, users can now:

  • Eliminate the physical transfer of video evidence and assets
  • Easily collaborate force-wide
  • Securely archive digital data

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