Teel Tech JTAG/ISP/EDL Box Sets

The NEW Teel Tech ISP-EDL-JTAG kit contains an arsenal of Flasher Box and Dongle type tools, along with a selection of hardware and equipment that will provide a good blanket of support for the ISP-EDL-JTAG processes.

As a result of ISP/EDL techniques becoming more mainstream, this kit will be replacing our old JTAG Box Set, while still supporting JTAG processes.

Our ISP-EDL-JTAG Kit is comprised of tools and equipment that will assist the forensic examiner:

  • Utilize functions to acquire physical raw data from mobile phones
  • Bypass supported locked devices
  • Remove FRP security measures on supported devices
  • Apply root to supported mobile devices
  • Access encrypted data on supported locked devices
  • Provide acquisition function for mobile phones supporting EDL (Emergency Download Mode) mode
  • Place supported Qualcomm devices into EDL (Qualcomm HS USB Qdloader 9008)
  • Access Recovery and Download mode on supported phones

It is recommended that you obtain certified training related to each of these techniques to ensure that you use these processes properly. Training will allow you to effectively perform your forensic related tasks acquiring data from mobile devices that have security measures in place.

The Teel Tech ISP/EDL/JTAG Kit comes with over 35 essential tools needed for ISP, EDL and JTAG forensics. This includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Advanced Turbo Flasher Box
  • UFi Box (International Version)
  • Riff Box v2
  • ORT JTAG Pro Edition
  • Easy JTAG Plus
  • Octoplus Pro Edition

This kit is constantly being updated and refreshed due to ever changing technologies.
To view the complete list of equipment included in this kit, please contact us.

Our ISP EDL JTAG Kit can be ordered with or without the RIFF Box.

Part No:
Part No without Riff Box:

TeelTech JTAG Box Set 1
Comprehensive JTAG Accessories and JIG Kit, including:
  • Z3X Easy JTAG Finder
  • Total of +20 JIGS, Adapters and Tools.
The JTAG Box Set 1 Does Not Include JTAG Boxes
Contact us for complete kit contents.
Part No: AP-JIGB1  

TeelTech JTAG Box Set 2
JTAG Accessories, JIG Kit, and Jtag Boxes
Jtag Boxes
  • RIFF Box V2
  • OctoPlus Pro
  • Z3X Easy JTAG
  • ORT
  • ATF Turbo Gold Box
Also includes:
  • Total of +20 JIGS, Adapters and Tools.
  • TeelTech Riff Color Coded Solder Guide
  • TeelTech JTAG Box Set-Up Manual On Compact Disc
Contact us for complete kit contents.
Part No: AP-JIGB2
Part No Without RIFF Box: AP-JIGB2NR
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