Precision tool for non-invasive ISP reading and writing via EMMC, JTAG – without soldering


VR-Table enables forensic examiners to acquire data from Mobile Devices, GPS Devices and other electronics units. Optimization is based on a fully individually configurable VR-ARMS ended precision probes and additional reference voltages for all types of memory. VR-Table can be also freely used in the car diagnostics (car radios, controllers) as well as in FBUS communication mode – completely replacing the RJ45/RJ48 cables.

VR-Table User Manual (PDF)

10 Arm VR-Table (9 VRarms + 1 VR Holder Arm)
Part No: AP-VRTBL-10
7 Arm VR-Table (6 VRarms + 1 VR Holder Arm)
Part No: AP-VRTBL-7

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fet_1Dedicated for:

  • Forensic examiners and forensic laboratories
  • Investigators and court experts
  • Electronic services: phones, tablets, car radios, GPS and other electronic devices
  • Car diagnostics
  • Diagnostics equipment: replacing cables communication FBUS


Universal Tool for all devices, ie:

  • EMMC Pro Tool
  • ORT JTAG Pro with EMMC Tool
  • Z3X Easy Jtag
  • Riff JTAG Box
  • Medusa Pro Box
  • Medusa Box
  • ATF i inne
  • Martech Clip / Martech BOX III

VR7Advantages of our tool:

  • Extract data from eMMC chips without soldering or desoldering
  • Fast and accurate
  • Replace all Fbus cables, JIGs, adapters
  • Universal tool for ISP JTAG/EMMC/FBUS
  • No need special skills to perform eMMC read


Set includes:

  • VR-Table main unit
  • 6 or 9* VRArms 300mm for JTAG/EMMC/FBUS
  • 6 or 9* probes for putting into VR Arms
  • 6 or 9* communication cables
  • 1 VR Holder ARM + VR holder
  • 2 adapters to the devices
  • Suit case where VR can be stored for travel
  • PROSKIT lamp with a magnifying glass 5D*
    * – options

VR-TABLE specification:

  • Equipped with 7 or 10* 300 mm (VR-ARMS) with hydraulic (central) block, ended with precise tips for read/write via ISP JTAG/EMMC as also using FBUS. Each of Varms can be freely configured/placed along target motherboard
  • 10 mm thick polished guides handles with lock system ensures optimal placement of equipment at the desired location
  • central VR-ARM allows locate the servicing device (JTAG, EMMC BOxex) safely without fear of his movement exactly over a target – by this you are close to target and avoid communication errors
  • Light with a magnifying glass and glass lens 5D MA-1225CF: AC230V, dustproof cover to protect the lens. 22-watt T5 loader. The flexible arm allows any change angle and direct the light where you need it most
  • High quality plastic finished non-slip pads, which absorb vibrations and oscillations
  • Set of 10 embedded on-board channels with gold-plated connectors (L1, L2 …. / R1, R2 ….) connected to the socket IDC 10 that can be used in any TTL/FBUS communicatiions
  • 2-2 banane type of cables that allows to sniff communication by puttign each cable into one., ie: osciloscope
  • Onboard USB connection cable for better cable routing
  • Internal voltage VCC/VCCQ build-in for EMMC/JTAG (3,3V, 2,85V, 1,8V)
  • Maked from high quality of TecaForm AH Black and brushed aluminium

10 Arm VR-Table (9 VRarms + 1 VR Holder Arm)
Part No: AP-VRTBL-10
7 Arm VR-Table (6 VRarms + 1 VR Holder Arm)
Part No: AP-VRTBL-7

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