Belkasoft Evidence Center

Belkasoft X (Belkasoft Evidence Center X) is a flagship tool by Belkasoft for computer, mobile and cloud forensics. It can help you to acquire and analyze a wide range of mobile and computer devices, run various analytical tasks, perform case-wide searches, bookmark artifacts, and create reports.




Mobile and Computer Device Examination

Supporting all major desktop and mobile operating systems, Belkasoft X is suitable for mobile and computer forensics. It can parse real and logical drives and drive images, virtual machines, mobile device backups, UFED and GrayKey images, JTAG and chip-off dumps.

  • Chat apps
  • Browsers
  • Mailboxes
  • Documents
  • Pictures & videos
  • Audio
  • Mobile apps
  • Payment apps
  • Online games
  • Clouds
  • P2P

Smart and Comprehensive Analysis

The product looks everywhere on the device completely automatically and can successfully identify thousands types of digital artifacts. Convenient artifact search, sorting, bookmarking and filtering help to narrow down the findings.

  • File system explorer
  • Artifacts viewer
  • SQLite viewer
  • Registry viewer
  • Plist viewer
  • Hash set analysis
  • Advanced picture and
    video analysis
  • WDE and file decryption
  • Timeline
  • Connection graph
  • Cross-case analysis
  • Incident investigations

Mobile and Computer Acquisition

The product allows you to acquire data from a computer, a laptop or a mobile device. Hard and removable drives are acquired into DD and E01 formats with optional hash calculation and verification. For mobile devices running iOS Belkasoft X acquires iTunes backup and full file system copy with keychain by means of agent-based and checkm8-based methods or when a device is jailbroken; for Android devices there are multiple approaches to data acquisition: standard ADB or agent-based backup, Qualcomm and MTK-specific dumps, physical and logical backup for rooted devices, APK downgrade and other methods.

Native SQLite Parsing

Recovers corrupted and incomplete SQLite databases, restores deleted records and cleared history files. Processes freelists, write-ahead logs, journal files, and SQLite unallocated space.

Live Ram Analysis

Belkasoft X can extract potentially crucial information from volatile memory, such as: in-private browsing and cleared browser histories, online chats and social networks, cloud service usage history, and much more. Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer is a powerful tool for creating memory dumps, and it is complimentary.

Handy Built-in Tools

Plist, Registry, and SQLite viewers allow you to work more thoroughly with particular types of data and find even more evidence than automatic search was able to discover.

Low-level Investigations

Through its File System window, Hex Viewer, and Type Converter tools, Belkasoft X allows you to perform deep examinations into the contents of files and folders from devices. With its customizable File and Data carving functions, you get to recover deleted and hidden artifacts and perform memory process analysis to view alive and dead processes in memory dumps. You can also use its hash algorithms to run searches against hash sets (NSRL RDSv3 and ProjectVic formats included).

Customizable Reports in Multiple Formats

Reports in numerous formats such as text, HTML, XML, CSV, PDF, RTF, Excel, Word, EML, KML, ProjectVIC JSON, Relativity Short Message Format, Semantics21 and others.

Free Portable Case Viewer

Free Portable Case Viewer allows sharing your findings with your colleagues with or without Belkasoft X installed.



X Forensic

X Forensic edition is the complete solution for conducting in-depth investigations on all types of digital media devices and data sources,
including computers, mobile devices, RAM and the cloud. It is an irreplaceable analytical tool for digital forensic laboratories of federal law enforcement agencies and state-level police departments.

When you purchase this edition, you get all the features available in X Mobile and X Computer editions.

Additionally, you get to

  • Acquire and analyze data from cloud sources
  • Use checkm8-based acquisition to extract data even from locked iPhones without a jailbreak (right on your Windows workstation)
  • Access devices encrypted with whole device encryption (WDE), such as APFS, Bitlocker, TrueCrypt and others

Part No:

X Corporate

X Corporate edition is the digital forensic and incident response solution with enhanced analytical functionality specifically developed to meet the business requirements of large corporate organizations, which prefer to have a DFIR team in-house or provide DFIR services. Corporate incident responders can take advantage of a combination of X Forensic capabilities and advanced X Corporate features incorporated into the product specifically to respond to the demands of corporate customers.

When you purchase this edition, you get all the features available in X Forensic edition.

Additionally, you get to:

  • Investigate hacking and intrusions into Windows-based computers with the help of Incident Investigations module
  • Find malware using powerful YARA rules
  • Find intersections between the currently investigated case and other Belkasoft X cases by using Cross-Case Search functionality

Part No:

X Computer

X Computer edition is a cost-effective solution developed specifically for investigators in local police departments, experts in small to medium consulting companies providing digital forensic and incident response services, and individual customers such as private investigators or digital forensic consultants.

Customers who typically deal with only a few computer-related cases per year and/or have a limited budget will enjoy the very affordable price of X Computer edition.

When you purchase this edition, you get to:

  • Extract data from hard drives, mount and analyze hard drives, disk images, virtual machines, and RAM
  • Examine and analyze hundreds of artifacts: instant messengers, browsers, mailboxes, documents, images and videos, system files, online games, and payment applications, cloud artifacts
  • Find even more evidence with Plist, Registry, and SQLite Viewers

Use analytical features:

  • Connection graph to reveal connections between artifacts and people in a case
  • Timeline to identify all the events within a specific timeframe
  • Smart and powerful carving feature to locate evidence that was deleted, destroyed, or never permanently stored on the hard drive at (page file, hibernation file, RAM contents)
  • Perform in-depth examinations into the contents of files and folders on the device with File System Explorer

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X Mobile

X Mobile edition is a cost-effective solution developed specifically for investigators in local police departments, experts in small to medium consulting companies who provide digital forensic and incident response services, as well as individual customers (i.e. private investigators or digital forensic consultants).

Customers who typically deal with just few cases per year involving unlocked mobile devices, and usually have limited budgets will enjoy the affordable price of X Mobile edition.

When you purchase this edition, you get to:

  • Acquire images of multiple iOS and Android device models, analyze Blackberry and Windows phones
  • Extract data from iOS devices by means of several acquisition methods such as jailbreaks, agents, and lockdown files
  • Examine and analyze mobile artifacts—calls and messages, mailboxes, messenger apps data (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, etc.), social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc.), cryptocurrencies, browsers, and many more
  • Utilize Belkasoft X functionality to mount third-party tools images (UFED, GrayKey, etc.), mobile backups, chip-off dumps, TWRP images, JTAG dumps, etc.

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