Detego Lab Edition for IIOC/ICAC is fully automated for High Tech Crime Units and Digital Forensic Laboratories. Detego Lab Edition can forensically examine a 500GB computer, with a total of 100,000 files, with 20,000 pictures, of which 500 are IIOC/ICAC, and produce a court level report with encrypted data in under 30 minutes.

Key Features:

  • A fully automated single system with a simple, intuitive interface that can be used by both technical and non-technical examiners with minimal training.
  • Multiple ‘imaging’ (forensic copy) of hard drives, and creation of existing formats such as E01.
  • Support of all digital exhibits, regardless of drive types, including computers, Apple Mac, Linux systems, mobile handsets, tablets, and removable USB media.
  • Extraction of live and deleted data.
  • Integrates with Police national IIOC/ICAC Databases and their IIOC/ICAC watch-list values.
  • Production of a court level evidential report and encrypted output.
  • Skin and facial detection.
  • Extracts and analyzes ‘Chat logs’ and file sharing systems for evidence of distribution.
  • Analyzes data for evidence of creation.
  • Categorisation of ‘newly found’ files i.e. those that are IIOC/ICAC, but are not currently on the IIOC/ICAC database.
  • Case Management – enables examiners to manage and report against all digital exhibits in a single case, regardless of volume of digital exhibits and the media type.

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