Every module within the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform comes with a full suite of analytical options that help the user to deep dive into their data and identify the most pertinent intelligence in rapid time.


  • One Platform, All Digital Evidence: Rapidly import all extracted digital data from the Detego®
    acquisition tools.
  • Manage Big Data: Extract valuable insights by processing and building evidence from large volumes of data.
  • Work Smarter and More Efficiently: Some of the cutting-edge Analytical Processes include object and face detection, skin tone analysis, video frame caching, hash and keyword matching and many more.
  • Court-Ready Reports: The Detego® Platform comes with several pre-configured reports, from a top-level look at a case’s exhibits to the in-depth details of each exhibit in an investigation.
  • Passware Integration: MCMS has partnered with Passware to fully integrate its industry-leading solution into the Detego® Unified
  • Forensics Platform. This partnership allows users to seamlessly identify encrypted evidence and recover and break through passwords from 250+ file types, all from one platform.
  • Picture & Video Analytics: Detect over 9,000 objects contained within digital images and video files. By using advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence), this engine can detect specific items like weapons, drugs, passports and vehicles, as well as more abstract and minuscule items like fruits, vegetation, stationery and more. This analytical process considerably reduces the time an examiner spends manually viewing images, allowing them to perform other critical investigative tasks.
  • Multi-Language Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Normalise items like signs, number plates, screenshots and scans into digital writing, so that otherwise hidden data can be rapidly keyword searched and matched.
  • PhotoDNA: Designed by Microsoft, this technology gets around negative hash matches by comparing the similarities between images in a pixel-by-pixel manner.
  • Video Frame Processor: Scan the content of an exhibit’s video files and compose visual content into still frames at specific pre-defined intervals. Analyse JPEG files generated from the captured frames for incriminating evidence using other analytical processes.
  • EXIF Processor: Uncover EXIF metadata embedded in image files created by any camera, including mobiles and smartphones. Discover camera data, initial capture time, phone model, operating system, geographic location (longitude and latitude) and much more.
  • UAV Processing: Parse information from numerous types of UAV, including DJI Phantom Drones. The data is extracted using Detego®
  • Foreign Language Translation powered by Rosoka: Detego® Analyse now integrates the Rosoka Software to perform GIST translation on indexed text for non-English languages.

Detego® Workflow & Automation:

Pioneering workflows and automation are at the core of the Detego® Platform to streamline and reduce the burden of manually intensive tasks typically found within the investigative process. Users can preconfigure bespoke workflows and crime types, allowing exhibits to be automatically imaged and analysed in the specific tried and tested manner determined for the particular example of examination. Examiners can choose the exact step-by-step analysis process and receive interim and full reports during any part of the process.

Other features include:

  • Threaded messaging views
  • Cached webpage rebuilder
  • Lucene text indexing
  • Standalone reports
  • Enhanced evidence viewer
  • Rule-based access rights
  • Centralised case management
  • Automated reporting
  • Tag and index all extracted items
  • Deleted data carving
  • EWF and DD imaging
  • MD5 and SHA1 hash matching
  • Advanced keyword analysis
  • Steganography detection
  • Parse data from hundreds of apps
  • KML Exporter for mapping

View our Detego Analyse PDF for more information.

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