Detego Field Edition is a simple to use, fully automated Indecent Images of Children (IIOC) and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) solution. It allows non-technical officers to forensically examine a target computer and produce court level reports, on site in under 20 minutes’.

Key Points:
  • Fully forensically sound and compliant with ACPO guidelines
  • Simple to use, with minimal training requirements for non-technical investigators
  • Integrates with Police IIOC/ICAC databases and Intelligence data
  • Skin tone and facial detection
  • Provides court evidential reports and encrypted outputs
  • Customisable for different organisations and agencies
Red/Amber/Green Indicator:
  • The IIOC/ICAC indicator turns red on detecting IIOC/ICAC content. The investigator can now print a court report with encrypted outputs and go straight into the interview room and charge the suspect.
  • The indicator turns amber when suspicious content or suspicious activity has been found, though there is no clear evidence at this stage for IIOC/ICAC content. At this stage, this device would need a more detailed examination by a digital forensic laboratory.
  • The indicator turns green if the target computer is clear of known IIOC/ICAC.
View our Detego Field IIOC PDF for more information.

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