Leading Mobile and Tablet Forensic Capability

The Oxygen Forensic® Extractor forms the extraction engine for mobiles and tablets within the Detego® Unified Forensics Platform. This will allow the investigator to easily access and acquire data from tens of thousands of mobile devices running on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Chinese MTK, Symbian etc.

By relying on the industry-leading Oxygen Forensics® Extractor, MCMS is able to provide a truly unified platform that pools data into a single location for continued analysis.

Mobile devices continue to be used in all types of crime and our customers are seeing the data that’s acquired from them play a critical role in opening any investigation wide open. With the links between mobiles, tablets and computers being blurred in recent years, the ability to extract and crucially link intelligence from any digital device has become critical to an investigating officer’s holistic view of the evidence in front of them.

Detego® provides the only end-to-end digital investigation platform that allows the extraction and analysis of data from such a broad range of devices allowing the investigator to conduct the critical cross-link analysis that’s required in the 21st century.

Import Backups & Images:

Import and parse various backups and images made from ios, android, windows phone and blackberry devices.

Oxygen Forensic® Extractor imports and parses dozens of device backups and images created in official device software, third-party programs, or other forensic tools. You can import iTunes, ADB and Nokia backups, JTAG, CHIP-Off and Nandroid images, XRY and UFED images and many more.


Live Device Acquisitions:

Extract data from mobile devices based on ios, android, windows phone, windows mobile, blackberry, bada os or feature phones. Additionally, acquire device media and sim cards

Oxygen Forensic® software offers both logical and physical methods of device acquisition via a regular USB cable. The program supports thousands of devices running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Bada, Symbian OS or having no OS at all (feature phones). Support for Chinese MTK and Spreadtrum chipsets is also available. Additionally, you can extract and recover data from media and SIM cards via specialized readers.


Seamless Integration:

Data extracted from your mobile devices based on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Bada OS or feature phones is seamlessly exported into Detego® for analysis or Oxygen Forensic® OFB (Oxygen Forensic® Backup) file for analysis in Oxygen Forensic® Detective.

With all your data sitting in Detego® the investigator can analytical processes available within Detego® Analyse and with a few extra steps they can build links to other exhibits and cases for a truly end-to-end forensic investigation workflow.