Foclar Media Enhancement & Analysis

Foclar translates advanced scientific techniques and algorithms for the enhancement and analysis of images and videos to intuitive software applications. These packages are used in forensics and law enforcement with the purpose of revealing as many details as possible.

With more than 25 years of experience in developing software for forensics, Foclar strives to develop the most complete toolbox for the job while keeping it intuitive and easy to use.

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Foclar Products



Measuring suspect height from CCTV footage

Reverse projection is a quick and very simple way to obtain information about the size of an object or person of interest. By using the same camera as the incident and recreating the scene you can mix the live camera feed with the earlier recording of the object or person (reference). This method will recreate the scene and at the same time eliminate all camera distortions.


Product highlights
  • Lightweight solution that replaces heavy, expensive hardware solutions.
  • Easy to use and explain, due to the visuals and intuitive workflow.
  • Width range of input capabilities like IP, Analogue, DVI, VGA, HDMI and DV devices.

Foclar Corepro 1-Year Perpetual License
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Forensic image and video enhancement

Everything you need to enhance your image or video the best way possible.


Turning low quality footage into actionable information

Supporting a broad range of input formats, Impress enables you to get valuable information from images and video using the extensive filter collection. Specifically aimed at forensic applications, the software provides the necessary tools to fit law enforcement requirements. By optimizing the workflow within the software, we support the more efficient achievement of results, thus reducing the workload.

Product highlights

Modern and intuitive to use interface to get started right away.
Supporting a wide range of input formats for both images and videos.
Responsive and dynamic filters for fast tuning of results.
Acceleration of processing when using a graphics processing unit (GPU).
Smooth navigation and playback, even for heavily compressed files.
Automatic report generation ensuring reproducibility.

Product background

The first version of Impress was developed in the headquarters of the Dutch police in the early nineties. After getting international recognition, an extensive validation process was performed by the British Home Office. Since then the software has been used by police forces, forensic institutes, security services and companies all over the world.

Foclar Impress 1-Year Perpetual License
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Pro Features:
  • Radial distortion correction
  • 4-point warp
  • (Warp) stabilization
  • Super resolution
  • Dehaze
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Custom kernel drawing for deblur
  • Extra window for most of the filters and Extensive parameter options

Foclar Impress Pro 1-Year Perpetual License
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Forensic image and video authentication

The increasing availability of image and video manipulation tools has led to a rise in false imagery and information. Mandet provides an easy to use platform on which images and video files can be investigated. Traces of manipulation can be found by applying filters and analysers, extracting metadata or by reviewing the file in a hexadecimal viewer. The software enables you to easily collect these traces into one single report to build a case.

Product highlights

Easily apply multiple filters and quickly detect deviations in the result overview.
Side-by-side views for easy comparison of images and videos.
Modern and intuitive to use interface to get started right away.
Supporting a wide range of input formats for both images and videos.
Dynamic report building and export to multiple formats.

Deepfake detection

One of the more famous methods of manipulating imagery is called deepfake. This is a collective name for several techniques that manipulate images and video based on artificial intelligence. To detect these manipulations, Foclar works together with DuckDuckGoose. They specialize in detecting the latest deepfake manipulations by utilizing neural networks. Their Deepdetector is integrated in the Mandet software.

Product background

While the number of image and video manipulation tools available is increasing, they are also becoming easier to use and making it nearly impossible to see manipulations by eye. With this growing supply of tools, the use of these techniques for unlawful acts is also increasing. As a result, there is a growing demand for solutions which can help to distinct real from fake. While the current range of solutions is primarily focused on single images, Mandet has been developed to support both images and video. Since analyzing images and videos can be a time consuming job, the idea behind the software is to be as effective and straightforward as possible.

Foclar Mandet 1-Year Perpetual License
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Pro Features:
  • Deepfake Detection
  • Analysis of the root mean square contrast signal through video
  • Analysis of the hue, saturation, and intensity channels
  • Analysis of the noise trends
  • Analysis of the correlation values between subsequent video frames
  • Ruler tool to measure objects

Foclar Mandet Pro 1-Year Perpetual License
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