Specialized Email Forensics Tool

Dedicated to simplify email forensics with a result-oriented approach.

Being pioneers of data recovery, the team at MailXaminer has a great understanding of the anatomy of emails and carving information from email header data. With increasing expertize, they have precisely gained complete info about 20+ email formats. MailXaminer is being used by thousands of forensics professionals around the globe and thus, stands as a benchmarked email forensics tool; quenching each and every required need of email investigations.

MailXaminer supports 20+ email file formats and 750+ MIME types.

Leveraging the examination of 80+ email clients.

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For Law Enforcement

Chain of custody (Log Reviews)
To avoid allegations of alteration or to simply monitor all the activity, logs are maintained of each activity performed on the evidence, which helps to evaluate the following information:

  • Who: Using log you will be able to view who accessed the evidence.
  • How: How the evidence was used and the action performed.
  • When: When the evidence was accessed.
  • What: What was accessed and what action performed within the evidence file.