Is the darknet still a blind spot for your organization?

DarkCloud is continuously monitoring thousands of darknet sources. It harvests and structures the data into actionable intelligence and makes these datasets available to law enforcement, corporations and (local) governments.

Dataset: Tor Hidden Services

The anonymity of the darknet has proven to attract criminal minds that discuss subjects and opportunities that threaten your organization, country, city, brand or product.

Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was hard. The DarkCloud darknet dataset, with millions of pages from the Tor hidden services and updated daily, will get you instantly tapped in and deliver you the opportunity to learn, prevent, detect and investigate.

Dataset: Darknet Markets

Darknet trades take place on the darknet markets. By hooking into the DarkCloud darknet markets dataset, you are kept up to date on all activity in these environments within a single place.

Key Features

Support from the experts

Web-IQ has years of experience in OSINT investigations and uses their our own data and technology every day.

Use the darknet knowledge of their experts to get a running start on your cases and work more effectively. DarkCloud gladly help out to explore the darknet angle from dead ends in your investigations. If your interest is research, DarkCloud can help by guiding your analyses of darknet data to make sure you get the most out of our vast dataset.

The darknet is a volatile environment and yesterday’s hypes are today’s ancient technology. It takes a lot of time to stay informed on trends and developments on your own. Their experts actively monitor the darknet and know what is happening. They research new developments and other phenomena. DarkCloud shares their findings so that you stay up to date on the current state of affairs.

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The Darknet and its markets – served in a box

The anonymity of the Darknet has proven to attract criminal minds discussing subjects, activities and opportunities that threaten your organisation, your city, country, brand or product, and making investigations a tough challenge. Until now using this open but very much unorganized set of data was difficult.

We can make investigations easier by providing a platform which allows you to analyse online content offline, which can be required by law, or helpful when working in sensitive or specialist areas such as child pornography or terrorism.

A powerful server solution with pre-installed and pre-configured OSINT software, ready to work, right out of the box!

The Web-I-Qube is the new gold standard in internet and Darknet forensics and analysis.

This powerful server solution with pre-installed and pre-configured OSINT (open source intelligence) analysis software is ready to work right out of the box!

This solution is optimised for the analysis of social networks, the Darknet and its markets, enables targeted profiling and better analysis of general market trends. Automated risk scores help to set priorities for faster investigation results. This hardware-software combination even allows offline analysis of the Darknet by providing up-to-date data and login information of Darknet forums and markets, you can regularly download a complete summary (or Data-Set) to your WebIQube server and analyse it offline. So there is no need to log in to the Darknet yourself. The analysis tool supports full text search and advanced filtering like date range queries, geo location filters, category selections on documents, images, videos, posts, user profiles, websites etc.

The intuitive user interface means that anyone who can use Google can use the Web-I-Qube and directly start working the moment it is out of the box!

  • Analyse online content offline
  • Full control over the data
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Your own intelligence department on your premises
  • Up to 20 examiners at the same time
  • Notifications, insights, full text and keywords search, data snapshots, API access, search engine
The Hardware

To use all the advantages that come with this investigation software, it is necessary to have high-end hardware at your disposal. On the one hand, to maximize the processing speed and on the other hand, to have a rapid data transfer. Often there is no dedicated server room to assure a powerful operation. This is why mh Service has developed this unique and powerful server dedicated for the Voyager software. It offers the full power of a server, whilst being optimised for use in the office thanks to its small dimensions and low volume working level. The Web-I-Qube is easy to scale, adding more hardware is easy and in most cases possible even while it’s running.

Using Open Source Intelligence

Gathered from open web pages and internet advertisements to build up profiles that may lead to human trafficking or money laundering, a series of highly usable add-ons are available, such as Safe City, which regionalises intelligence. Structured datasets from both clear and dark internet pages, forums and marketplaces can provide you with risk scores shown with easy to understand graphics visualising the results, trends, any contact information and even locations, whenever it has been stored or used in any online advertisements, posts and comments published.

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