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Enable your IDVector client.
Enjoy the Internet.
Privacy and Security at your disposal.

Strong Security
Using INFOSEC best practices IDVector ensures your communications are SECURE and PRIVATE while transiting the IDVector path of your choice.

From your IDVector client to the Internet facing egress point, your communications are encrypted with session based, PKI, and PFS based strong crypto.

Online anonymity can’t be bought or sold – it requires a disciplined adherence to strict trade craft.

IDVector provides you with the tools necessary to build an anonymity platform – if YOU are willing to step up your game.

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How IDVector Words

In a perimeter-less world with nearly ubiquitous free and fast Internet, everyone is a traveler. Users exchange privacy and security for free and easy while organizations best positioned to enact proper privacy controls lack the incentive to produce meaningful privacy and security architectures. The problem with this scenario is that all Internet users share a common lack of privacy, data security, and Internet anonymity.

IDVector uses custom hardware and software clients to connect ephemeral, on demand, cloud redirection and egress nodes to create a secure and private pathway between the IDVector client and the Internet, regardless of how secure the WiFi or Internet provider’s network may be. IDVector technology stops snoops from inspecting your traffic whether they are corporate adversaries, criminals, nation state level actors, or the commercial data brokerage industry.

IDVector provides Shared or Private Paths – on-demand, personal VPN tunnels – to the Internet through the IDVector network, which seamlessly redirects your Internet traffic through “bounce” locations of your choosing before egressing in a geographic region of your choice. IDVector provides a very simple and unobtrusive way to safely and securely access the Internet without fear of data interception or leakage. Every connection you make using IDVector is secure and private, regardless of how secure the provider’s network is.

The IDVector client presents an easy to understand user interface for configuration of paths. The user chooses an IDVector Shared Path or a custom Private path suiting their needs. Shared paths are sets of ephemeral nodes (one each “bounce” and “egress” node) which are rotated on a periodic basis, to ensure IP address diversification. Private paths are true “on-demand” instances available only to the user who created them. That user has complete control over the life-span of the private path whether that means the path is destroyed immediately or kept for weeks or months. Upon destruction, the resources are released back to the cloud pool; IP addresses will not be reused and are not traceable.

All cryptographic material for IDVector paths is created by the client and never shared or stored by the IDVector service provider. Only the IDVector client and the VPN end points – “bounce” and “egress” nodes – share the cryptographic material needed to decrypt traffic. This ensures an unparalleled level of privacy and security for IDVector users.

The IDVector PRO client implements novel new protection technology ensuring against “Dark Hotel” style attacks by implementing a custom pre-captive portal proxy. This proxy blocks malicious binary content designed to subvert your host. The IDVector client also allows for rotating wireless MAC address randomization to ensure the client and user cannot be tracked across Internet provider locations.

We understand the importance of security when it comes to your personal or critical business communications. IDVector uses industry leading, open source, and peer-reviewed cryptographic algorithms. We have subjected IDVector to a wide range of tests to help ensure the integrity and the confidentiality of your data. We maintain the IDVector network and collect only the personally identifiable data from our customers that they deem fit to provide for payment purposes – while providing multiple means of anonymous payment. We have designed the system, from the ground up, to ensure that we have no way of observing the data you send through the network.

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