Board Level Repair for the Digital Forensic Examiner

Digital Forensic Examiners are special in that we NEED to get the data no matter what. In order to do so, we need working devices. Our focus is the same as our other courses: Never giving up on a device until we obtain the data.

This course was developed with the ever-changing field of digital forensics in mind. No longer can we rely on just commercial tools and automated processes. Now more than ever, it is important to be able to diagnose inoperable devices and perform device repairs at the board level so we can obtain our data extractions.

Through a combination of lectures and hands on practicals, students will learn indispensable diagnosis skills, troubleshooting resources, and the latest repair techniques utilizing state of the art equipment.

The course curriculum was developed by our instructors who are experienced repair professionals and expert digital forensic examiners who practice these skills on a daily basis.

Course Topics:

  • Equipment and Resources
  • Knowledge of printed circuit boards
  • Recognition of surface mount components (SMCs)
  • How SMCs work and how SMCs fail
  • Precision soldering techniques
  • Fixing/repairing previous mistakes
  • Trace and pad repair
  • Reballing
  • Water damage repair

  • How to properly use a digital multimeter
  • Familiarity and use of an oscilloscope
  • Basic component repair
  • Complex board repair
  • Device specific common troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting non-functioning devices
  • Reading schematics
  • What to do when you do not have schematics as a reference

Keeping in tradition with all Teel Technologies offerings, this course goes beyond repair and relates to the specific needs of the digital forensic examiner.

Although this course will follow a specific program, content is subject to change depending on student interest and inquiries, as well as any break through digital forensics techniques. This course will also teach you when the data is unrecoverable.

Those in the digital forensics field follow certain requirements, in particular, Daubert and Frye. The subject matter and course content follows “best practice methods” and accepted techniques that are reliable and relevant in the scientific community.

All students will leave with course content PDFs, our Repair Guide, and the Teel Technologies Board Level Repair Kit, as well as priceless tips and tricks from our instructors. The kits will be used in class. If students cannot transport their kits from the training location, then the kits will be shipped to your lab at no additional cost.

Due to the specific equipment needed for this class, we can not offer Board Level Repair for the Digital Forensics Examiner as a travel class. It will only be offered in our Norwalk, Fredericksburg, and Toronto locations.

Back Log
Do you have cases that have been put on the back burner. Feel free to bring your work to class. We can use them as learning lessons and teaching examples for the entire class.

Laptop Minimum Requirements

We encourage students to bring their own laptops whenever possible. If this is not possible, TeelTech will provide one for you. If you do plan on bringing your own laptop, indicate so on the registration page and please ensure they meet the following requirements.

Laptop Requirements:

  • Windows
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows
  • Make sure you have room on your hard drive for installations
  • You MUST have administrative rights for internet, email access, application download and installs, configuration, settings
  • NOTE: ALL Windows updates should be done prior to class

Course Offerings