Chip-off 2.0 Forensics with Certification

Teel Tech Chip-Off 2.0 provides students with a comprehensive education into performing forensics on memory chips used in today’s mobile devices and other media.

In depth information about eMMC, eMCP, and UFS chips

  • Newest BGA chip pinout layouts
  • Applying proper techniques for non-heat chip removal
  • Pros and cons of physical manipulation caused by heat or friction removal techniques
  • Updated heat removal processes
  • Introduction to monolithic devices and data recovery techniques
  • New tools and techniques for chip-off extraction
  • Earn the TeelTech Chip-Off Forensics Certification “TCFC”

Why take Chip-Off 2.0 Course?

Chip-Off will support the following:

  • Damaged or destroyed devices
  • Devices unsupported by commercial tools
  • Unsupported advanced data extraction methods

This five-day course consists of hands-on practicals and theory presentations that encompass proper and safe chip removal and data extraction. All students receive a Certificate of Attendance, and the opportunity to take the TCFC certification test.

Further analysis of the data will be covered, and students shall use leading forensics software in the class to analyze data.

Laptop Minimum Requirements

We encourage students to bring their own laptops whenever possible. If this is not possible, TeelTech will provide one for you. If you do plan on bringing your own laptop, indicate so on the registration page and please ensure they meet the following requirements.

Laptop Requirements:

  • Windows OS
  • macOS with Bootcamp Windows
  • macOS alone will not work (No Virtual Machines)
  • 8GB RAM (minimum)
  • 100GB storage (minimum)
  • A powered hub if you only have two USB ports available
  • You must have admin rights or have the admin password for software installation.
  • NOTE: ALL Windows updates should be done prior to class


  • Cellebrite P.A. Dongle
  • Encase, FTK, X-Ways Dongle
  • Access to a HEX editor
  • External USB 3.0 Storage Device

This class is for Law Enforcement and Government Officials ONLY.
For questions regarding this policy, please contact us at or (203) 855-5387.

Course Outline

This training provides the students with a full perspective of the Chip-off process as it relates to Advanced Mobile Forensics techniques. This new version 2.0 training will explore new techniques on the market; handling of new types of Flash Memory;

Students are provided with in depth power point to take home as a reference as well as clear concise videos of the process they are taught.

Day 1 - Hands on Practical’s for Heat Removal/Cleaning/Tinning of chips

Chip-off Introduction

  • When should one consider the Chip-off process
  • Mobile Device Force Acquisition Continuum
  • Supported devices
  • Overview of real cases
  • What you may encounter in Chip-off dumps

Chip-off Heat Process

  • Disassembly of the cell phone and considerations
  • References and training for cell phone disassembly
  • Heat/Non-Heat shield removal
  • Removing chip Upper/Lower heat source
  • Removing chips Lower heat source
  • Removing chip T862
  • When to and not to use these heat chip removal/cleaning processes
  • Preparing the chip for Tinning or 2 Stage Reballing
  • Tinning of BGA chips
  • Review of videos of each process

Day 2 - Hands on Practical’s for Heat Removal Process and Reballing

Day 3 - Hands on Practical’s for Heat and Non-Heat Processes

Non-Heat Milling BGA Chips

  • Overview of the process and video
  • The right and wrong equipment for this process
  • Process where milling is best used
  • Pros and Cons of the Milling process
  • Some training locations will feature a Milling machine for use

Non-Heat Polishing Process

  • Overview of the process
  • Two reasons to use the Polishing Process
  • Polishing surfaces – When and why to use them
  • Polishing Fixtures – How to use them
  • Adhesives – When to use what type
  • Polishing epoxy only
  • Polishing PCB with cut out chip
  • Video review and discussion of each process

Day 4 - Hands on Practical’s for Heat/Non-Heat Processes and Package on Package chips

Day 5 - Hands on Practical’s for all processes taught in this class

Course Offerings