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The DMX store is for replacement parts and support documents for users of the Detego and CFID Suite of Tools. Registered and approved customers can access the web shop and purchase parts with a credit card or request a quote.

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Equipment and Information Includes:

  • Detego USB Collectors and Replacement Cables Adapters and Accessories
  • CFID Replacements, SkySafe Upgrades and Cable and Accessories Kits
  • Samsung Tablets and Rugged Cases
  • CFID Manual, Android App and Firmware Upgrades
  • Detego Manual And Help Guides

Items in Stock and Ready for Delivery.

Need Training in Detego or CFID?

Teel Technologies offers certification courses in CFID and Detego, as well as one and two week dedicated operator courses that teach efficient and effective use of the tools in the kits, including XRY, UFED, Talon, Detego and CFID. On location training for small groups with short delivery times welcome.

Contact Justin Allison for more information or to schedule a class: | 203-855-5387 x113